Rainbow Lake

Cabin and RV


RULES AND REGULATIONS: Laundry facilities (specific times apply), Iron and Ironing Board * Restrooms with showers if needed, contact office for key access. * Gift shop * RV Supplies. Recreation room has piano, cable TV, stereo, a pool table & shuffleboard. * BBQ grills & picnic tables are available in the Park area. Fax machine. Wi-Fi, copy machine, ice, maps & brochures are located at the lodge. * Ask and we’ll try to help.NO CAMP FIRES are allowed outside of the fire pits provided in designated areas of the park. You must clean up upon your departure or you will be charged accordingly. We are in the forest and may have restrictions upon your arrival, please check with the office.ENJOY YOUR STAY, PLEASE PICK UP AFTER YOUR PET AT ALL TIMES. CHILDREN MUST HAVE ADULT SUPERVISION WITH RESPECT TO THE TROUT FEEDING POND AND STAY OUTSIDE OF PIPED RAILING. DO NOT THROW ANYTHING IN POND EXCEPT FISH FOOD.DO NOT THROW ROCKS OR LITTER IN OR AROUND PARK.CABIN CHECK OUT TIME IS 11:00 AM AND R.V. CHECKOUT TIME IS 12:00 NOON, UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO STAY LONGER, PLEASE CONTACT THE OFFICE SO THAT WE CAN CHECK TO SEE IF YOUR SITE OR CABIN IS AVAILABLE.Lot Maintenance
  • All personal property not in immediate use must be stored in the recreational vehicle.
  • All guests are responsible for keeping their area clean.
Motor Vehicles and all Guests
  • Maximum speed limit is five (5) miles per hour, including ATV’S.
  • Washing of RV or vehicle is not permitted.
  • Do not park on any lawn, and no outdoor mat or carpet on the lawn.
  • No Tents Allowed

* All RV’s MUST HAVE AT A MINIMUM A SEWER DONUT ON THEIR SEWER HOSE. Come to the office if you do not.


Some of our cabins continue to be “Pet Friendly”. The office provides covering for our furniture & bedspreads. Please use covering of your own or come by the office and we will provide covering. 

  • Pets must be kept quiet and supervised, and non- threatening in nature. Pets must be kept on a leash at all times. NO PETS ARE ALLOWED TO BE TIED UP OUTSIDE ALONE
  • Guests MUST immediately pick up and dispose of any excrement left by your pet on their rented site and elsewhere in the park.
  • Guests may NOT leave their pet unattended outside their recreational vehicle or cabin.
Use of Lodge & Common Areas
  • Guests can reserve the lodge or Pavilion for social affairs. Guests will be responsible for leaving the premises in a clean and orderly condition or a cleaning fee will be charged.
  • No unsupervised minor children are allowed in the lodge.
  • All guests are entitled to use the common areas and the Lodge in accordance with the purposes for which they are intended and in accordance with such reasonable limitations. Park owners and management assumes NO responsibility for the safety of the guests who use the lodge and our common areas.
No fishing is permitted on Rainbow Lake premises, if violated, police will be contacted and charges will be filed. Rainbow Lake has fish food available for feeding of the fish, and ONLY FISH FOOD is permitted in the pond. Safe & Peaceful Environment
  • Quiet Hours are from 10:00pm to 8:00am
  • Guests (or any person who is on the premises with the Guest’s permission), intentionally or negligently destroys, defaces, damages, or removes any fixture, appliance or other part of the Park premises, the Guest agrees to pay for any damages resulting from such conduct.
  • Guests are responsible for the conduct and actions of their children, and visiting guests.
  • Children are not to be left without responsible adult supervision.
  • Radios, television, musical instruments and all other sounds must be kept at a low volume.
  • Intoxication or use of drugs, the use of abusive or vile language and/or indecent disorderly or abusive conduct will be a major violation of these rules & therefore grounds for immediate eviction.
  • No loud music, loud voices, and make sure your children know that going into another guest’s area of camping is off limits to them.
  • Depending on county regulations that are in effect at the time of your visit, smoking may or may not be allowed outside. It is your responsibility to check with the office to determine whether you are permitted to smoke outside your RV or Cabin.
  • Smoking is NOT permitted INSIDE the “Cabins” at any time except on the outside porch area. If a cabin has been smoked in, there is a fine of up to $250.00
  • Depending on county regulations that are in effect at the time of your visit, outdoor cooking (i.e. charcoal, gas/propane, electric, fire pits, etc) may or may not be allowed. It is your responsibility to check with the office to determine whether you are permitted to cook outdoors or not. DO NOT MOVE PARK BBQ GRILLS
  • Guests are encouraged to report all infractions of these rules. We also encourage guests to refer all complaints or suggestions to the Park Management
  • The use of firearms or fireworks of any description is forbidden in the Park.
  • The Park is not liable for any loss due to fire, storm, theft, accidents; power surges or results of water turn-off and sewer blockage, or for any damage arising from acts of neglect by guests or their guests.
* REFUNDS: During our busy season we turn people away because we are booked. If you leave early we will try to do all that we can to re-book your site/cabin and if we accomplish this you will receive a refund. But if we cannot accomplish this then you are obligated for your full stay.CANCELLATIONS: During certain times of the year there will be a 14 or 30 day No-cancellation policy and a 1 night deposit requirement in place. If you cancel after the 14 or 30 day cancellation period or shorten your stay there will be no refund on deposit unless we can re-rent the cabin/RV site and then we will refund deposit less 10%, which is held for credit card fees. If we are unable to re-rent the cabin/RV site for your specific dates then you are still responsible for the entire stay reserved. Please also understand that there may be a minimum night requirement for certain times of the year.AFTER HOURS EMERGENCY NUMBERS
  • Police/Ambulance/Fire 911
  • Hospital 1-575-257-8200
  • Locksmith 1-575-258-5798